Series Dream Deroni – with care for our children!

Every mother's dream is to give as a gift to her dear child health and to embrace it with love.

But what is it that children really love, which they eat with pleasure?


Homemade Lutenitsa Dream - A wonderful combination of well-ripened vegetables grown in Deroni's sunny Gardens, watered with clear water, freshly picked and grilled hours after harvest. It was created by the technology of homemade lutenitsa, but with well-ground vegetables of fine particles so that the children lick their little fingers.


Traditional Lutenitsa Dream - A gentle combination of finely ground vegetables. Favourite lutenitsa for every kid!


Ketchup "Dream" is produced in a glass bottle without preservatives. Awarded with a prize for a new, innovative product at Inter Expo 2013. 832.3g of tomatoes in 340g of net quantity.

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